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At Blue Oak Resource Group, we provide solutions to help you grow your technology business by offering innovative solutions. Our focus is to provide the secure solutions that allow service providers to extend their cloud offerings and grow their bottom line.





We are experts in technology. If you have a new solution for your clients that requires technology, then we can help with the design, sourcing, support and systems to make it a reality. We’ll help you develop a customized technology plan for your business, because one-sized-fits-all solutions do not work. 




Our value lies in the fact the we are able to provide you with personalized attention, face-to-face, rather than becoming frustrated trying to describe the problem to someone via email or phone. As a local business, we are there by your side when critical issues arise. 



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In the age of extreme cyber risk and continual threat, compliance is not enough. Secure management systems and processes, such as those used by Blue Oak are critical to provide a truly secure cloud. Designed from the ground up for security, Blue Oak is a cloud services provider offering a high performance, highly secure and integrated environment.